Stick Empires is a game that is set after the events of Stick War. It was originally called "Stick War 2" but because that name sucks, was changed shortly after the start of development. It features online play and has many more units and abilities than the original.

Stick Empires is currently under Beta but still has a lot to offer,it also added Empire points,a currency used to upgrade your unit's equipment. you can earn these by PayPal purchase or by winning matches against other players.

The currenct units are Miners,Swordwraiths,Archidonis,Magikill,Speartons,Monks,Ninjas,and Ensalved Giants.

It also added castle defenses. These can be purchases to further defend your statue against enemy soldiers,they continue to attack even if your troops are safely inside the fort.

They also added an element,which is needed to create certain troops,called Mana. Mana is used to create Magikill,Ninjas,and Monks.

A small sword shaped statue in the center of the battlefield gives gold(+20 gold each time) to the side that captures it.