In the trailer, you can see a Magikill walking and talking like an old man. You'll also see a Giant attacking. They show some enemy statues that looks like the Giant, the Archidonis, the Spearton, the Magikill and the Swordwrath. The Archidonis is the Way of the Archer, the Swordwrath is the Way of the Sword, the Magikill is the Way of the Mage and the Spearton is the Way of the Spear. You are the leader of a nation called Order which you had a lot of miners. Eventually, an enemy Spearton kills a miner, your Swordwrath charges but gets killed by the enemy archer. Your Spearton throws his spear at the enemy archer, killing him. He gets his knife and charges with his men to the enemy's side. Thus, the enemy Spearton I said about earlier also runs away.