Swordrath is the second level of Stick War The Game.


Next level

Speartons (level)

Previous level

Swordwrath Outskirts


Miner, Swordwrath, Archidon

Enemy units

Miner, Swordwrath


Destroy the Swordwrath statue.


14th May, 1309


You have reached the Swordwrath but your new enemies seem much stronger than your clubmen, so using your Archidons is the best advantage. Send more miners, a lot of archers and lots and lots of clubmen, because a sword is much stronger than a club and a spear. But Crazy Jay said that it can take forever to destroy the enemy statue with an army with just archers, so that's why clubmen are needed for this. Careful though, the enemy swordsmen might come out in groups, so be careful. However, you can't block the attacks of a swordsman. After destroying the enemy's statue, you have unlocked the sword upgrade for your clubmen.

Next stop: The Speartons!

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